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I went to Ishinomaki in Miyagi Prefecture; the disaster area of the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami.

The purposes were to bring relief supplies, to see the situation in those areas,
and to know what people there really need with my own eyes not by the media.
With a lot of people's help, i could bring 4,500lb vegetables, 3,500 heating pads,
100 hand creams,150 wet wipes,
20 mouthwash, a lot of prepared food and sandbags
hearing the opinions from the volunteer staff in those area.

We arrived there on the April 10th but till the day before,
the information was still flooded that Noone really knew what to believe.
The situation there i saw was different from tv.

I had the chance to talk to some people who survived the earthquake and Tsunami.

They made me think a lot about what I should do.
This time, I consider a lot how to tell people what i saw
and i still haven't got the clear answer to what we should do.

However, i hope the video we shot this time can tell you what's really going on there.

The shelter we went was Ishinomaki University
where i went on tour in 1998 as fanatic crisis.
I didn't expect that i would come back here for the earthquake.

This video is already 10days ago and the situation in those area changes everyday.

Our mission I believe is to consider, support, and start doing things together.

Don't forget.

And do our best for the people in those area too.

That's what we can do at the moment.

We can do it all together.

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It's really great that ppeloe are sharing this information.

From 1995, I am looking at you.
I was impressed by your humane high growth.

I thought deeply.
What am I given to the world?

Impressed with your excellent behavior.

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Posted at 7:01 PM on April 19, 2011

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