Thanks [May 22 2007]

This will be my second posting and have received many feedback from many people.
It’s been awhile since I’ve talk to my former guitarist Nishida and also had a call form
Mom complaining(?) (I’m sorry but now ok)
I was informed by the shop staff that many people were watching my products and I would like to thank the people who have bought my products. I would like to visit the stores dealing with my products when I have the time.
I would like to thank again everyone for there support’


It’s been awhile [July 9 2007]

First of all, I would like to apologize for not writing much recently because I had a lot of stuff going on. I also would like to thank you for your support …. I have renewed my website !!! (clap.clap)
It’s only been two months and I’m already renewing the site it’s unbelievable..
Many people have been asking me why I’m not updating my blogs. I am hoping to do my best from now. (Hopefully…)
Anyways, last night I watched an anime movie (TEKKON KINKREET ) by chance and unexpectedly, it was such a great movie.
I would like to make an soundtrack for a movie if i have a chance.

Hear I am working at my studio.


300 [July 14 2007]

Yesterday I went to watch 300 it has been awhile since going to the movies.
Apart from the content I think guys might like the movie. My opinion is that
Image was good so I will give around 70%.


Axolotl [July 15 2007]


Hear is an picture of my big Axolotl which I am raising in my studio.
Looks like a Japanese eel.
It is not very cute.


Sunny at last [July 16 2007]

Finally it’s sunny so I am here at daikan-yama for shopping. ( I was hunted by an foreigner guy )
While I was at daikan-yama I visited Jerry's gift daikan-yama which I made an collaboration t-shirts. If you have the chance to come to daikan-yama please visit Jerry’s gift.
By the way, there will be a first anniversary event at Jerry’s gift on July 18 which I will be visiting.



with Mr.Kainuma


Carmen [July 17 2007]

Today I was invited to a dress rehearsal which was conducted by SEIJI OJAWA called Carmen The Opera. It was at Kanagawa Prefectural Civic Hall .
It was a great show! It was just an rehearsal but I felt lots of heat , and I was very moved. Like the great scholar that he is worlds SEIJI OJAWA . I wanted to see the real show.


Meeting Rush [July 18 2007]

This morning I had an meeting rush .in spare of my time I went to Jerry’s Gift and as a gift I gave them bottle of champagne. I also like to thank the customers who came to visite me and for those who I didn’t get a chance to see I’m sorry . I should have posted the time when I was coming .
Anyways it was a day for me to talk and see many people.


Life is… [July 20 2007]

Life is full of wonder.
Many people will lead you.
Betray by almost anything.
Recently I decided to go with natural flow.
It is important to think by yourself but you also have to answer the demands.
Just answer the demands straight.
That where I believe everything starts.


Coupii [July 22 2007]

Today I went to an event called Coupii group which they support the handicaps (NPO)
I painted a picture with the handicap children. It really clean my heart.
I will do my best as much as I can do supporting this NPO society.



Burnning [July 27 2007]

Burnning… is Tokyo’s raining season over???
I went to an exhibition for loar.. I felt a lot of rock in there designs.

with Designer Hamanaka.


Summer vacation in zushi [July 29 2007]

I had a vacation at zushi with some older close friends who have been very kind to me.
When was the last time I had fun?
At night we went cruising and watched fireworks.

It was really great to spend time with good friends.

(I have a pain in a face by a sunburn).


I was tickled by the side so that's why I am down on the floor.

Sea man.


IZREEL PARTY [August 6 2007]

Few days ago I was invited to an IZREEL party.
IZREEL designer TAKURA is an buddy of mind which we usually drink together.
IZREEL shop has my design products too so if you have any chance to come to harajuku please drop by.

The picture was taken at last season exhibition.



Seminude [August 8 2007]

I discover the place where a cicada shed off the skin.



Hang in there. [August 26 2007]

I will have to gather my design idea by tomorrow !
What am I going to do!
Hang in there.!


Moonlight [August 27 2007]

I had a meeting at koufu today.
While heading home I stopped by the hot springs and refreshed my body.
The moon from the outdoor hot spring was sending a very clear light which purified my body. Thank you. I will do my best from tomorrow.


O~~~. What’s up [October 13 2007]

It’s been a while my computer broke down and I couldn’t post my blog
So I had to keep silent for a long time. I’m very sorry. It’s been two years since I last visited my parents yesterday. I also visited my ancestors grave.
This mourning I will visit Ise Jingu.

Akafuku [October 13 2007]

I was looking forward to buy Akafuku mochi but it was closed…… what a bummer ..


Kumano [October 14 2007]

This moaning I got up at six at Wakayama prefecture, I walk through Kumano Kodo.
It was raining lightly but I didn’t use the umbrella. It took me three hours to walk through mountain path where I felt clean air . It really felt good but everybody laughed at me saying that my cloth was not matched for mountain walking.

This picture was taken in front of Kumano Taisha with Yatagarasu.


Pink ribbon [October 30 2007]

Few days ago I went to a party which was taken place at Canadian embassy’s basement,called the pink ribbon party. The dress code was having a black tie but I wore an tailcoat. But to my surprise there were many people with regular suites
There were many people. I also had the chance to think about breast cancer which I usually don’t. I would like to be a part of many more of this kind of helping society ,not only the breast cancer society.


Toyama [October 31 2007]

Day before yesterday there was death in my relative and went to my mom’s parents house which is at Toyama prefecture. It seems when was a kid seemed my moms parents house very alive. But know since I have past over 30 and my old relatives are passing away , I feel very lonely. It’s what every one goes through but for me there still lives in me this time I couldn’t see them but I feel the next time I visit this place I will get to see them. Why I say this is because I have been loved very much from them since I was a kid.
I pray his soul may rest in peace.

Rice field [November 1 2007]

When I was a kid I usually played in the snow hear at this rice field
It used too snow very hard , but recently because of the global heating it don’t snow as much as it used too.


JET [November 3 2007]

Pure Black Jewel called JET. This Jet was long ago used as an protection from evil and used by priests, which they carve and carried as for Rosario. It has also protected me many times. Sometimes when I forget to put on my Jet I get very nervous.


E.V.E [December 24 2007]



NEW YEARS [January 8 2008]

Sorry to be late (Happy New Year!) last year was a busy year but it was very fulfill year to. This year I will be going overseas and I’m sure it will be a busy one and I know I will get more fulfillment then last year.
Let’s have a good year together.


ITALY (First time) [January 12 2008]

Mirano is raining and very cold. (>_<)


I’m home [February 1 2008]

I’m home! I’ve been home for a while but I didn’t have the time to update my blog . I’m sorry . I will talk about Italy sometime in the future through my blog Today I have hear a picture where I’m sure it will bring a little happiness to your life.


Rolling Stone [February 10 2008]

My chrome sculpture design was introduced in the magazine Rolling Stone Japan.
Johnny depp is on the front cover of the magazine. Please have a look.


Yes it Exists [April 18 2008]

Today I would like to talk about an incidence I had on a train. There was a homeless like old man sitting next to me I would like to start the story after he got of the train. After he left I noticed that there was a very terrible smell surrounding me , and so I look at the place where he was sitting and to my surprise I found shit !!! on the seat. Oh my God! I couldn’t believe what I saw so I moved to an different cart, and saw a familiar face. Either of us at first couldn’t recognize each other but after few seconds we remembered who we were. He was the chief editor for a magazine I appeared for long time ago. He also remembered me and I was very pleased. You don’t have these kind of accident happening in daily life so I was very happy. I though that there are good and bad coming at once.


Maiu! [April 28, 2008]

Yesterday I went to Asakusa. It's been a while since my last visit.

I noticed that there were many people around cuz of Golden Week. (National Holidays in Japan)

When i was walking around in Asakusa I found the interesting sign, which I took the picture,

It was written maiu? What does it mean? I didn’t have the courage to go inside but flag sign seemed very funny to me.


Regard [May 8, 2008]

Hear is a picture of my work that .was published in a magazine Called WOOFIN. In the bottom as you can see lies an scull and a snake, which took me a month to make. (I had a very hard time making it.) but since its been done I kind of have this love for my work.


Practices ascetic [June 25, 2008]

Few days ago I visited Omine Mt. in Nara prefecture .
Omine Mt. is known as a place for where people go to strengthen their soul by climbing this sacred place. The night when I was at Omine Mt. they had a big event going, which I also joined. (there were many people)
I had breakfast at 2:00 in the morning, started climbing around 3:00 and came back.
Down by 9:00 that morning so it took me about six hours. (yet it was faster than usual)
This was my second visit to Omine Mt. which I really enjoyed and was refreshed, I can feel the mother nature, and realize how wonderful it is. What a great experience I had.



Vaccines for the world’s children. [July 6, 2008]

Tomorrow is Tanabata! (an event here in Japan)
Well Few days ago I was invited to a charity lunch sponsored by Vaccines for the world’s children Japan Committee. (JCV)
I felt very honor to be invited because I was thinking if could help the children suffering around the world in some kind of way. Then I heard about this wonderful committee which they are heiping children by giving vaccines to the developing countries . If any of you are interested please visit the site.

Vaccine for the world’s children (It also as a page in English)


picture with the Representative for the ( JCV ) Hosokawa
(wife of former prim minister of Japan).


Site renewal [July 7, 2008]


Site Renewal (I have a new site)
Have a look
You are watching right


Order Jewel [July 21, 2008]

For two years I have been working straightforward for my order jewel and also since my renewal of my website I will be taking orders generally too. I have met some new customers today and realize that every one has an different style which it really had an big influence in me. I will try my best to make the best one of a kind in this world. To the people I’ve meet today a also would like to thank you.m(_ _)m


Personal order jewel


First of all I would like to thank many of those who have requested for the personal order jewel.
It seems that there are some problems with orders through email using the mobile phone, if you have not receive any answers from us within 3 days please have your mobile phone set to accept mail from PC or have your name and phone number written so if incase you still do not receive any mail from us we might have to call to insure your order.



Thankful [August 15, 2008]

Peace for Japan & all the world & human kind…..


Autumn is hear. [September 30, 2008]

Two weeks in a row I had been busy for my jewel brand exhibtion as an designer. Thanks to store buyers, and others for there orders that they have given me.
I am very satisfied with the result, and I hope I will be able to finish my work by this Christmas so that you can see it for yourself at the shops.. If I have the time I will upload the picture of my products also in this blog.


Jyugoya Ostuki Sama [October 14, 2008]

The moon I saw yesterday seem very clear in brightness, but there was some depressing feeling in it.
Maybe it’s because of the things going around in this world these days.


Temple for cats [October 23 2008]

Yesterday I went to Temple for cats (YUTENJIAN) who my friend owns.
I had a healing moment with the cute cats.


Shibamata! [November 18 2008]

First time for me to be here in Shibamata.
here is a picture of me and Tora-san.


NARA.[December 4 2008]

Easy traveling around Kansai vol.1

Recently without any purpose I visited Kansai.

This picture is taken in front of Hase Temple Nara.

The stairs have old fashioned atmosphere of Hase Temple.


KYOTO.[December 5 2008]

Easy traveling around Kansai vol.2

I visited almost everywhere in Kansai.

The autumn tints at Kyoto was very beautiful. ( ・_<)┏

Nighttime at Kiyomizu Temple.

Lighted trees was very beautiful and fantastic.

At Hieizan Enryaku Temple.

Me doing my best collecting firewoods near Jakkoin Temple.


My New Design Pictures. [December 11 2008]

It has been a while since my last designs ,but at last hear are the latest design pictures. It should be coming out at the stores soon.


↑This is a two gun design item corroboration with [roar] which I have introduced in my old blogs. ( ・_<)┏━ baqquunn.


↑ Latest item from REGARD
It’s an pendulum motif item which the charms are replaceable.


My favorites [December 14 2008]

One of my personal hit product. I open a bottle in two days.

It is very delicious.

For the winter is this...

Once I start to drink this I can not stop...


Jet Ishizuki model [December 19 2008]

I have introduced this JET jewel in my old blog which I have the newest jet jewel corroboration with [nyx.]. This jewel is celebration products for the renewal of Jerry's GIFT web shop which will be ready for sale soon.


There will be only two products for sale so be in a hurry! (I have made three jewels which I took one for myself.)
If by chance the three persons wearing the new jewel happen to get together in one place something special might happen.

If you are interested.→http://jerrys.jp/webshop/home.html




'Love' from the pool [2009.1.7]

It's a bit late but ..HAPPY NEW YEAR.
I've been taking holidays and visited various places from the new year's day.
I also visited my ancestors' grave.

I will upload the pics when i get a chance.

The pic below is @21st century museum of contemporary art in Kanazawa...




Thank you for so many celebrating comments!
I will keep working to become nice guy...
so please stay supportive for me.

@ Itsukushima I visited the aother day.
It was my first time to go there,but it's so nice that I got moved.
I hope to go there again.




【another me】manual〔2009.01.18〕

grant your wish!【another me】manual

Thank you so much for purchasing of 【another me】.
The charge of 【another me】is your happiness and one third of the happiness you felt will automatically send to less happy person's account from your happy account when you feel a real happiness.

How to treat 【another me】is very simple but it will take quite a while to reboot once it stops working with a breakdown.

(1)【another me】 is invisible to you,the owner.
it's not a breakdown,but sometimes, you and it become united and people around you might tell you 'You look different!' and gaze enviously at you.
In this case, take it as it is and be happy.

(2)【another me】is a perfect human you can imagine.
It has a power to make it possible everything you think you can.
However, it will not demonstrate its ability against what you think impossible or you
don't even think.

(3)【another me】will die if you deny or doubt its existence.
Please be careful that it would require time and effort to reboot even if it didn't die.

(4)【another me】 totaly hates little sunshine place and bad diet. If you put it in those environment, it would be in a baaaaaad mood,so please try to drink good clean water at least once a day, sun yourself or take a forestbath sometimes.

(5)【another me】loses a lot of its power when you become pesimistic or hate someone else.
We strongly reccomend to stay postive and generous as much as you can because once 【another me】 loses its power, it might have a harmful influence on you, the owner.

(6)【another me】 loves the word "Thank you"
It will give you a small happiness everytime you say "thank you".
Then,please don't forget to tell "Thank you" to【another me】 as well.
It gets sulky if you forget.

(7)【another me】loves 'to love'.
Not only humans,but also animals, flowers,natures,anything.
Everytime you have the feelings, 【another me】raises its level.
Everytime 【another me】raises its level, it might give you some 'trials'.
But don't worry.
Be easy. 【another me】only gives you a 'trial' which you can get over.

(8)The hours of operation of 【another me】synchronizes your lifetime but when 【another me】
feels 'I am not succeeded', it will be available in your next life.

In the end,

【another me】loves the owner, you.

Whatever happens, it's beside you with a strong heart.

【another me】's happiness is what you are feeling happiness.

You'll never be alone from now on.

So, please try to live as hard as you can feeling 【another me】besides you.

Never even think about killing yourself.

Never leave 【another me】alone.



Loooong time.

I saw 'Departures'. Maybe it's because of Academy, theater was overpacked.

And my impression is..... A GOOD FILM! I cried.

there are verious kind of jobs in the world. Restaurant, transport, agriculture and forestry, manufacturing industry,construction industry,commercial, realestate, service, ...and so on... This movie is about an embalmer. The prejudice against some kinds of jobs I always think it odd is drawn in it. So, I reconfirmed no job is unneccesarry.

As long as a charge occures, the job is needed and money is a shape of gratitude. And we've got to have a respect for it.

Our garbage we hardly care about is put away by someone.
Like the maintenance of this mail, someone I've never met works for it.

Every job including embalmer or stripper is neccesarry and we should have more respect and gratitude to each one of them.

Maybe, it's the easiest thing we can do to love our country more.
Needless to say,it should be legal as long as we are inhabitant of this country,you know.

Anyway, this movie made me think so many things and it's not happened to me for a while.



Cherry blossam.【2009.4.5】

Here's cherry blossam's season.

My friend who hasn't been in touch for a long time asked me to go seeing cherry blossam this evening,so I joined it.

It seems like I am still popular among kids and dogs as before.


OKINAWA!【2009.04.13 】


I am in Okinawa--!! This pic is "Soki Soba(noodle)" which I had for yesterday's lunch!


OKINAWA ! 2【2009.4.17】

I came back to Tokyo 2 days ago but it feels like long long time ago because I was working on my drawings quite hard before and after coming back...

Not much sightseeing as this trip was for my own training and business meeting, but I had good opportunities to see many people and it made my trip substantial.

Here are the pictures I took during the trip.

Nakagusuku? the world heritage , and the ruins of hotel of which I heard it's a model of the spa in the movie, "Sprited away".

Now my pruducing process is in the final stages towrd the exibition....I'll stick it out--!




Three months of hardship... I'm going to hold an exibition(accepting orders).

I tried to carve the model by myself with a very novel theme this time.

I'd be happy if you could visit us. (It's during GW,so.)

more info is below.




I just happened to find 2 rainbows.

I wanna share the happiness with you all.





I went to Amaranth lounge's 7th anniversary party yesterday, a show lounge in Daikanyama.

It was overpacked.
I enjoyed the performance of Masayuki Noma, who was a guest performer and used be Pizzicato Five, and had a good time with drag queens and 'queens'(^-^) I was
I am so sleepy today, coz I enjoyed until this morning after a long time. I'm gonna go to bed. Got to get up early tomorrow. Goodnight~.


↑"Ringo-chan" she(?)said she was listening to Fanatic,as well.


Fine day,isn't it?【2009.6.2 】

Feels good since it's a bright day! I missed sunshine (^-^)

Photo shooting today.
My pruduct will be on the art magazine around this summer.
I will inform as I get some more information about this.

It's a well-done so please look forward to it.



Organic.【2009.6.17 】

Beer season has come! Recently, I like to have organic food (specially vegetables) even though it's a little expensive. Some people around me have thier own kitchen garden, others make rice with 'my rice cooker'. It's been really changing the thought about diet in the world,I think. I hope to have my own kitchen garden someday!


This is organic beer made in Nagano.


Yesterday...【2009.6.20 】

I found some ads in the town...

Of course I am curious about the last one.

but was thinking, "wow, the hair dry is not included..."

It's little sad.



SO-BA【2009.6.21 】

I love japanese classic noodle, soba.

'Bon-gu' ,the soba restaurant in Osaka is my first or second best.

so good.

Last time I went there was late at night, and

there were only two sobas left(they don't make more soba in the same day.)

I just barely made it to eat.

Have a try if you are interested.(^-^)




Vegetarian cooking【2009.6.23 】

Vegetarian cooking's good, isn't it?

I feel like my body light the next day I had it.

(I know I write about food so often these days(*´д`*))



Shimbashi debut.【2009.6.27 】

My friend took me to standing Kushi-yaki & standing Sushi bar for the first time.

It was something like a racetrack (never been there,though).

Taste was very good--!

Sushi,too. And thrifty.
I understand everyone always make a line.

This is from Tsutomu, made my Shimbashi(office workers' sacred place) debut.






Treasure in the future【2009.7.4 】


I'm still not sure why I said such thing,but

I wanted to be a male nurse in the future when I was an elementary student.

Maybe, I had my favorite nurse.

That's because or not because ... not sure but

I assumued a member of the board of directors of
Ken Pa learning community which is a nursing school run by non-profit organization.

That's why...

I'm doing nothing special..

just playing with kids.

Still, what I think when I'm playing with kids is,

there are so many things I learn from them.

It may be natural for the parents raising kids but

kids have (brightness!) which grownups don't have.
Don't you think so?

So, Ken・Pa is an amazing group trying for affectionate and very natural education.

Please check the website if you are interested.


I'm happy to join the group as a singing &drawing elder (^-^)v

Dear Mr.Wakutsu,

Good luck! as though it might be tough on the way.

I will try to support though it might be a little.(*´д`*)





↑Mr.Wakutsu,the chairperson of the board of directotors of Ken Pa.



July 7th,fine【2009.7.7 】

It's a bright day in Tokyo(^-^)

I did this on the same day last year but,
I renewaled the website!

How fast.. one year has just ended.


Solar eclipse.【2009.7.26】

I've been a bit late but I could see the solar eclipse!

I'm sad my cell phone camera couldn't take a good one.

It was very illusory looking at it through the clouds.



Don't tell me...【2009.8.1 】

It's a story about when I was shooping at a supermarket the other day.

Suddenly,I felt a sudden needle's stab of pain in my right side

and shouted "ouch! ouch!!"

Thinking I eventually got some stress sick, but

an astonishing thing happend

at the next moment of holding my right side....

You wouldn't believe it...

In the supermarket of the city,

a drone beetle! flew into a man in the thirty's!

was shocked,

but realized that a man is sensitive to a sudden pain★


This year again....【2009.8.15 】



I prayed to God for the same thing as I did last year.

May Japan and the whole world be in peace.....


Bubbles【2009.8.25 】

This is from the "Super Bubble Show",I went the other day
(Actually it's not such name,though...)

I was invited without knowing what the show was about,

but I was very impressed like the kids. (sorry!)

This summer, I realized we can impress people if we are truly professionals.



Mr.Moriwajin【2009.9.1 】

I visited the cat artist,Mr. Moriwajin's atelier-cum-home unexpectedly.

I have known his works but I had never thouhgt about seeing him in coinsident.

He makes truly wonderfully pretty cats arts.
So check out the website if you are interested(^-^)

Mr.Moriwajin, let's do something together someday-!


art works of Mr.Moriwajin


I tried,just in case.
Don't ask me how was it.


Me drinking soda on the boat, though I came here for job.


Tea celemony【2009.9.27 】

A little while ago but

I went to a tea celemony for the first time in my life.

Japanese service is just GREAT!

Not only the taste of the tea,but also the tempo of the celemony.

It was the true relaxation making me feel a Japanese austere refinement.

This is what we should not forget,shoudn't we?



Mr.Motokura and I looking like joking around.


Digest【2009.11.9 】

Let me make an excuse,first....

Now, I am doing a design part of a hotel rebuilding project in Karuizawa.

…I found the month changed,

my blog has no entry, so

I have recieved mails like

'has he been arrested?' ...

I am so sorry.

To show my apology for making you worried,

I'm gonna reflect what happened these days in digest form

though it's a taboo among the bloggers.

I am hoping to update the information about Karuizawa soon... will try.

Honestly, these days, I think maybe I will spend new year's day in Karuizawa,too.


My brother got married befor I do.
Be happy forever. (the woman in the right side is my granmma)


Went to the hamburger resutaurant"Blacows" where my friend's running.
So yummy.


@the bar in Yutenji.
Mr.hopy, Ms.Kaiya, Greg and me.


I went to the famous ramen shop "Rock 'n' roll one" in Machida.
It was ok but I was knocked out with the silence in the shop....
(can't recall the taste very well)


Found a cat trying to making a phonecall.


It's already been 3 years since I started hand-copying of sutras.


Poland exhibition!


@ a gallery of Ms.Shisyu, a calligrapher.
She is writing the titile of NHK drama, CM, etc.. wonderful works!


alone monja in Tsukishima.



Greg's berthday party.
@Peninshura hotel.


was surprised at Mr. Ozeki having his head shaved!
But good looking guy is allowed to do anything,right?


moved by the play of the Incas' descendants.


Colored leaves in Karuizawa were marevelous.


Nagano is famous for soba, but I forgot how many times I had it....


Nabe-chan @ the building site.


現場にて。 いっい湯だなっ♪(予定)


@ sacred place, Ryugaeshi falls.


MOKU-wood- 【2009.12.2 】

Recently, I've been interested in woods.

Woods give all designs the possibilities and inspiration.

I'm going to make furnitures in the near future so I will inform you then.

↑@Kashimo in Gifu prefecture.

↑@the lumbermill in Kashimo.


snow【2009.12.11 】

Hi, this is Ishizuki living in Karuizawa.

Snowing today.

It's natural but VERY COLD.

Take care!



It's gone...【2009.12.26 】


I hasn't been conscious until Chiristmas has gone....

I say,anyway.

Merry Chiristmas!!!

(Look look ! Icicles can be this long♪)


New Year!【2010.1.1 】


Wish you have a happy new year !


Furniture.【2010.1.15 】

I'm in Nagoya for the production of furniture.

So impressed how well the furniture was made!




The fourth year. 【2010.6.15】

It’s the fourth year since I started the annual practice in Mt. Omine.

I showed enough fight to get the white costume.

I’m thinking to upgrade again next year.



Painting. 【2010.6.17 】

I am making a quite big work.

I will report when it’s completed.


↑Kubo-chan. (assistant)


And, this year again…【2010.8.15 】

How’s everyone doing in this super hot summer.?

I’m now so busy and running around.. I will write what I got in digest (?) later.

Anyway, I’ve just come back from Bali. I went and worship to the shrine this year again.

“May the day of everyone in the whole world living with real smiles come some day. “



Anxiety.【2010.8.31 】

I am taking care of my friend’s baby minimal Chiwawa just for three days.

She’s too pretty so I’m worried if I can give her back to her owner after three days.

Thinking about going somewhere far … with her. (^_^)



Stonecutter 【2010.9.29 】

I am making a stone monument now.

It’s much harder than I thought…



It’s winter…【2010.11.21 】

Summer has gone, fall seems gone without knowing…

I am really busy and realized my blog no updated…

Seems like I hear the voices “Is he alive?”


Usually we say … no contact is a good sign of someone’s doing good...right?

Anyway, Digest.

I will be updating my memories of (maybe) summer .

(I know it’s no longer a blog...)

Business trip (summer) ~Paris~

@ the Louvre. Me fooling around.


@ Mont Saint-Michel


@Lourdes. Ms.Bernadette Soubirous

@Pau. With Mr Riu.

Business trip (summer) ~Bali~




Had breakfast at a small arbor.


The Kintamani highlands!!


@ Indra spring.



I handed my art work(I completed at last!) to Mr.Tanaka, CEO of KAKUICHI CO.,LTD.

I will report about the hotel where this art was placed.

Making of stone monument.


Business trip to Oita. Cats all over me…

Business trip to Kanazawa. Photo is with Professor Tomosugi of Kanazawa Medical university.


Commercial 【2010.11.22】

Take a look at this month’s ‘Shoten Kenchiku’ magazine when you drop by a book store.

The hotel in Karuizawa where took me a whole year to design is was reported in the magazine.


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